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Tracy's Treasured Keepsakes

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Single Sided Patchwork Memory Cushion

Single Sided Patchwork

Double Sided Patchwork


Memory Cushions are a great way to remember a loved one especially if one of our memory animals aren't for you.

Choose to have a combination of your loved ones clothes made into a Patchwork Cushion.

Included in the price is to have a heart sewn onto the cushion with a simple quote
'This is a Shirt I used to wear, when you hold it know I am there. Love --- '

Cushions are 16" in size. Where possible cushions will be made with a zip Closure. The cushion will also be backed and lined with your loved ones clothing.

When ordering you will be paying a 50% deposit and will be placed on a waiting list. Click here to see our current availability.

The final balance plus courier costs will be due upon completion.

Upon checkout you will receive confirmation from us as to what week you have been booked in.


For a cushion with one side as patchwork we suggest at least 2-3 items of clothing.

Any cut offs remaining will be donated to a local charity shop unless you specify you would like them to be returned. 

Why not check out some additional mini memorial we offer that are made from the off-cuts.

Hanging Hearts & Keyrings


Here's some things our customers have said about their Memory Cushion:

A wonderful piece of work, so well done and just perfect, couldn't have wished for anything better, it means a lot to have this pillow in memory of my mum for my dad he loved it, he was in tears over it, thank you so much xxx

Daniella M

Dear Tracy, I wish to give you so much more than just a thank you note for my beautiful Bear and Cushion keepsakes you made me. I absolutely love them. But as for now thank you. Xxx

Geraldini R

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