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This design is made using a Funky Friends Factory Pattern. Unlike some of our other designs, this Fox design doesn't have button jointed limbs. However due to the design it is still able to sit unaided complete with a bushy style tail.

Each keepsake is stuffed with soft fire retardant stuffing to keep their shape.

The Fox is approx. 26-30cm tall, sizes may vary depending on fabrics used as some clothes are more stretchy than others.

FREE PERSONALISATION: Why not include their Name and Date of Birth

Due to using your preloved items of clothing, buttons or embellishments on our keepsakes we are unable to CE test them, therefore they are not intended to be used as toys and should not be given to anyone under the age of 14 years.


The Fox requires just one item of clothing, you can include more if you desire.

Consider what items of clothing remind you the most of your loved one. Was there a shirt they always wore, is there a dress they wore to a special occasion. Pick the items that when you close you eyes you can see them there with you.

We can work with most items but we do struggle with chunky or open weave knits. We do carefully interface all fabrics to help stabilise the fabrics but please be advised that the more variation of fabrics you provide the less uniformed your keepsake may look. If you are unsure as to whether an item can be used please contact us and we can advise you further.

Any cut offs remaining will be donated to a local charity shop unless you specify you would like them to be returned. 

Please note: Due to the nature of the materials used, it may be that two keepsakes will not look the same. There may be a slight variation to that pictured above.

Please note: Due to the nature of materials used, you may find two keepsakes may have a slightly different appearance.

Check out what we can do with the excess materials

Smaller & Larger Sizes available

With the same design as the standard size you can choose to have a smaller or larger keepsake made.

Smaller Size - £40

Do you only have a small number of items that are very special? The smaller size keepsake could be the right option for you. 
Sitting at approx. 16-20cm tall this size..

Larger Size - £70

This size is an great way to cherish more memories associated with those items of clothing if you can't narrow it down.
Sitting at approx. 32-35cm tall this size requires 1-3 items of clothing.