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Tracy's Treasured Keepsakes


What kind of clothing can be used to make a keepsake animal and how many items do you require?

We can use almost any fabric to make your keepsake as we interface every panel before cutting and sewing. This helps to keep the shape and prevent them from fraying. The only items we will not be able to use is crochet or open knitted items such as hand knitted blankets or cardigans.

If you have an item you are not sure about please email me first before sending it.

How many items of clothing do I need to use to make a keepsake animal?

If you are thinking of having a keepsake animal made from baby clothes then we require 5-7 items of clothing. This is dependant on what items you provide. Any items that are not used will be returned with your completed keepsake. Our mini keepsake animals are perfect if you only have 1-3 items.

If you intended on having it made in memory of a loved one the keepsake animals require 1 item of clothing. You can of course provide more if you wanted to add more detail and variety to the keepsake.

How many items do I need for to make a keepsake blanket?

In order to make a keepsake blanket from your child’s outgrown baby clothes we will require 20-25 items to make a cot/toddler bed size blanket and 30-35 for a single size.

To make a memory blanket from your loved ones clothing approx 10-12 items of clothing will be needed, it is all dependant on what items you provide.

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough as I can add a border around the blanket if required.

Can my keepsake be personalised?

Yes, as an additional perk of having a keepsake bespoke to you we are also able to add personalisation to the keepsake. We are able to add your child’s name and date of birth as a minimum which is included in the price.

If you are wanting anything else added please email us to discuss your requirements. 

What size are the keepsakes?

The keepsake animals are a decent size, they are approx 26-30cm tall when sitting and our mini ones are 16cm.

Our memory cushions are approx 40cms (16ins), if you would like a larger cushion these may be available on request.

I have a recording I would like added to my keepsake, is this possible?

Yes this is most definitely something we can help with. At an additonal cost we can add a mini recorder and place inside your keepsake, whether it be a message from a loved one or your baby’s heartbeat. The keepsake can either then be sewn up for saftey or we can add a zip to the keepsake to allow you to replace the batteries on the recorder.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes, we offer vouchers to cover the cost of any of our keepsakes plus the return postage of their completed keepsake. Or choose a denomination of your choice. 

All vouchers come in a beautiful gift box with a pre addressed postal bag for them to send us their precious items. Vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase. 


Thank you for choosing Tracy’s Treasured Keepsakes to transform your precious clothing into your own bespoke keepsake.

Please trust we will do everything we can to create a keepsake that you will love and last for many years.


Although we will inform you when we have received your items it is recommended that you send us your items by recorded delivery or courier. 

When designing your keepsake we take a lot of care and attention to consider placement of the clothing given. We will presume all clothing is to be used unless clear instructions are given, if there is anything in particular about the clothing you would like us to use - for example a motif or writing please advise us of this.

Please note although we hope you will LOVE your keepsake, due to the items being handmade and personalised your keepsake may vary in appearance due to the types of materials supplied by you. Each keepsake is individual and no two keepsakes will look the same.


All prices stated on our website are in £GBP, postage fees will apply. Courier costs will apply upon completion of your keepsake(s).

Tracy’s Treasured Keepsakes offer you a flexible payment option. You have the choice to make payment in full or you can pay a 50% deposit up front and the rest will be due upon completion before your completed keepsake is returned to you. This is subject to change at any time.

Payments can be made by PayPal via the website or we can facilitate a Bank Transfer upon request .

After Payment you will receive confirmation of your place on our waiting list and the week we will be due to start your keepsake(s).


Tracy’s Treasured Keepsakes are individually handmade to order and as such are deemed as bespoke and personalised.

When placing an order, cancellations can be made within 14 days and a refund may be given.

By sending us your clothing you have given us permission to cut up your clothing to make your keepsake. You will be given updates of the progress of your keepsake and an estimated date of completion. Any cancellations after your clothes have been received , you will be charged to have your clothing returned.

Once we have started your keepsake it cannot be cancelled.


Please allow up to 3-4weeks to have your keepsake created, times may be shorter during quieter times of the year. Due to popular demand we do currently have a 4 month waiting list, after Payment you will receive confirmation of your place on our waiting list and the week we will be due to start your keepsake(s).

Click here to see our current availability

If you require it to be fast tracked please note an additional £20 per keepsake will be payable.

Once a date has been agreed you are required to send your clothes to reach us by the week before at the latest. Any items that do not reach us in time may be diarised for our next available date.


Your completed keepsake(s) will be returned to you via a courier.

This ensures your special keepsake is tracked and insured for the price you have paid.

Postage costs will be confirmed after completion to ensure and accurate cost to you. However if you would like an estimate of what it is likely to be click here.


Each design is lovingly cut then hand and machine stitched before eyes, arms and legs are attached. All keepsakes animals have button jointed arms & legs which will allow you to move reposition them as you wish. Each keepsake is then stuffed with fire retardant stuffing which gives them their shape and keep them firm.

As we use your preloved clothing, buttons & other items you may wish to use to make your unique keepsake we are unable to CE test them, therefore your keepsake cannot be intended for use as toys and should not be given to anyone under the age of 14 years.

Tracy’s Treasured Keepsakes cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused by failure to comply with the guidance above.


Our customers are reminded that all designs used from a copyrighted pattern provider and the products produced by Tracy’s Treasured Keepsakes are copyright protected and any attempt to reproduce them or any images on our site will result in legal action being taken. 

Tracy’s Treasured Keepsakes reserves the right to use its own photography of products for marketing purposes.


To see more information on how we use your personal information click here