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Tracy's Treasured Keepsakes

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An ongoing series of informative entries

Our First Blog Entry

19 February 2022

It all began when I visited a baby show whilst pregnant with my second daughter where I saw a keepsakes stand. I loved the idea of creating a memory bear with the baby clothes I had kept stored away – not wanting to lose the memories. As I have always enjoyed sewing and being creative, I thought I would try creating my own. Who would have thought that almost 4 years later I would now putting the same care into my customers keepsakes, treating each keepsake as if it were my own.

Our Second Blog Entry

01 March 2022

You have decided to have a keepsake made from those precious baby clothes you have kept hold of, but you have absolutely no idea of where to begin when choosing which baby clothes to use.

You would not be alone with this; I get a lot of questions from my customers when choosing the perfect items for a baby clothes keepsake. I thought I would create a blog covering the most asked questions that I get.

I hope this helps!!!

Latest Blog Entry

18 April 2022

You've chosen their first school, you've brought all their school uniform and you've ironed it all before neatly waiting for their first day at Nursery or Reception. Now on the morning of that first walk to the school you stand them by a wall or front door to take that obligatory first school day photo. Knowing that every year you'll do the same thing and be so surprised at how much they've actually grown.

Before you know it, that adorable cheeky little face smiling back at you has turned into a more grown up, independent child who is going into their last school year of their school. Maybe they are leaving primary school ready to move onto a school that seems so big for them or maybe they have finished their school years altogether and are leaving for college, university or work. Either way it makes your heart skip a beat.

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